Energizer Fusion

Bob Jacquin

Project: Product and Lifestyle shots for Fusion Light brand
Link(s):   Website Use: click here    Video: click here
Services Provided: preproduction, location scouting & permits, model casting, wardrobe stylist, multiple assistants, hair & make up artist, prop shopping, location shooting, post production, and retouching.
On Location Days: 2 Days of photography – 1 day of video
Details:  Ring…Ring…”Hello Jacquin Studio…” Seems to be a simple start to a new client relationship, but that is how this amazing production began. The phone rings and on the other end is the Brand Manager from Energizer with a need to get some lifestyle photography and video done for their new line of lights. A few questions about the product line, some meetings to discuss creative and pricing – and we moved into production. Energizer’s needs were to capture a wide variety of scenarios using their new lighting around the home, “do it yourself” projects and outdoor scenes.  The locations needed to have the perfect settings to capture hiking, fishing, camping, and that “Anywhere USA” feel for our home use and “DIY” set ups. Locations, talent, script writing, wardrobe, three days of shooting, editing, retouching…in the end, great production and a happy client.


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