Eveready / Scholastic

Project: Eveready & Scholastic Books Cross Promotion
Link(s): BTS Video
On Location Days: 1
Details: Our client contacted us about doing a cross promotions between Eveready & Scholastic books and work to capture both products in some lifestyle settings.  The need to show the new lights and keeping the books a focus meant coming up with various scenes with kids and family time.  Sleep over, night time reading, fort making, camp out in the back yard…sure to all!  We searched for the ideal location, established props and wardrobe, hired fantastic talent, and tapped into our past memories of how to build forts out of blankets.  If you know our crew, the creativeness on fort construction was the easy part!
Production: Location scouting, talent casting, prop shopping, hair & make up, wardrobe shopping, assistants, and retouching.
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