Post Foods

Project: Cereal and Lifestyle shots for the new Post Foods website
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Services Provided: preproduction, location scouting & permits, model casting, wardrobe stylist, multiple assistants, hair & make up artist, food stylist, prop shopping, 3 plus weeks of studio & location shooting, post production, retouching of 100+ images.
In Studio Days: 8
On Location Days: 8
Details: Working alongside 4ORCE (now Manifest), our studio produced and photographed for all 13 Post Foods brands to be used on their new website, launching in the U.S. and Canada. With a site launch looming on December 28th, Bob and our whole Jacquin team sprung into action, planning pre-production, creative, arranging talent, coordinating seven different kitchen locations and, of course, those beautiful overhead cereal shots. Bob and our team spent a full two and a half weeks of solid shooting to create these gorgeous lifestyle photos, much to the delight of the client.
Not only did Jacquin Studio Photography deliver delicious, friendly photos, but also met the client’s needs for production and deadlines.  Bob and the Jacquin team received the best endorsement a studio can get for their work when the news came from Post Foods that they wanted to make all of the images, main & secondary picks, available to Post’s USA & Canadian Ad Agencies for use in their print Ads. This is quite the leap for a project that started as, Just Social Media.

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